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From Mitch 10/15/2014

We were having a few friends over for the Niners game and I called in ahead of time to have the meal show up at 6pm sharp. I ended up getting the owner when I called (very rare these days) and when he noticed I was a little undecided he asked how many people I was having over. There were 20 of us , five kids and 15 adults. In addition to pizza he suggested a few pasta dishes. We decided on Tony's Raviolis and Pesto Pollo. At 5:55 my doorbell rang and there was a nice young man with everything we ordered. I paid with a card on his phone, which worked out great because you can add a tip and I was out of cash.  Pizza was delicious hot and not stuck to the top of the box. The surprising part was how much everyone loved the pasta. The kids devoured the raviolis and my wife's new favorite dish is the Pesto Pollo. I know consistency is what really makes a restaurant great so I will order again next time we have a party and update this review. Tip: Get a side of blue cheese it's the best I've ever had.

From Cross 11/30/2014

Our impressions from Yelp was that Napoli was a full service sit down pizza restureant.  When we got there they did have a few seats but did mostly take out and delivery. My wife and I decided to eat here anyway....
Napoli's is one of those rare places that only needs a table and chairs. No fancy smancy needed.  The pizza is all they need. 
Nuff Said!
Will come back soon!

From Mike 10/25/2014 

This by far the best pizza place in Benicia.
I think what makes it the best is their pizza sauce and the fact that they put the perfect amount of it on their pizzas.
I also like their salads and their lasagna.

From Sheila 12/11/2014

Love their ravioli and the lasagna. I recently heard that they are handmade by owner. No wonder they taste so good. The pizza is excellent too. The food always arrives on time and is super hot.

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